I played any sport I could try in high school (football was my passion), but after a few too many concussions, decided to focus on academics in college and leave the contact sports behind. I played intramural sports and tried to workout when I could, but couldn’t find the fire I had for team sports and lost most of the athleticism I had attained in high school. After college, with my degree in Biology, I found a job at a Tissue Processing Laboratory dissecting human hearts and veins. I envisioned myself becoming an Orthopaedic Surgeon, so I thought this position would allow me to take some time to get my applications in order and decide if I really wanted to pursue that career. It did, and I did not, haha. I still wanted to help people, but wasn't exactly sure how. 

As I toiled away in the lab, I realized I was not as active as I had been in the past and was gaining quite a bit of weight. I wanted to get back in shape so I went to L.A. Fitness. I did bench press for an hour, only worked “legs” once a week and got bored. After about a year of cycling through the same workouts, I visited a college friend who happened to be doing CrossFit and witnessed the action of a local competition.  It brought back all the memories of what I enjoyed most about team sports; the camaraderie, excitement, skill, and grit. I was intrigued, and decided to sign up for a trial class at my local box in 2011. One hour in and I couldn’t sign up fast enough. I enjoyed the encouragement of the group environment, the expertise of the coaches, and most importantly, the learning atmosphere. A year later I chose to follow my passion for helping others and signed up to take the CF-L1 course. I was able to become a bigger part of the CrossFit community and haven’t looked back.

Since taking on the Level 1, I have been fortunate enough to guide athletes to a fitter lifestyle and see firsthand the amazing changes that can be experienced with the CrossFit methodologies. I have coached now since 2013 through various positions, attained the CF-L2, and am ready to open my affiliate location to continue to grow and provide a health and fitness space for my community.